HerVest Campus Ambassadors Program provides a unique opportunity to female students in Nigerian tertiary institutions

The goal of this program is to equip female students in Nigerian tertiary institutions with financial education and professional skills to stand out in the global marketplace.

HerVest Campus Ambassadors Program helps female students transition into their prospective careers as stars. We provide a corporate platform that equips you with highly valuable on demand skills that gives you outstanding leverage in the job market

By joining and becoming a HerVest Campus Ambassador, you have a unique opportunity to be part of the first women-focused Fintech Company in Nigeria by becoming the face of our brand on your campus.

The Campus Ambassadors Program offers a highly rewarding learning experience for selected students while providing a platform to harness your capabilities in a supportive environment.

To apply, first confirm your school is listed as one of the approved schools then proceed to submit your application.
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a HerVest Campus Ambassador do?
The HerVest campus ambassador represents and promotes Hervest on campus and constantly seeks to identify new and innovative ways to maximise HerVest’s reach on their campus
Is the program for selected courses?
No. Our application is open to students across all disciplines.
What is the next step after the selection?
Selected candidates will be notified on the next steps.
What do I get as a HerVest Campus Ambassador?
- Professional Certification - Stipends/Referral Bonus - Networking & Access to quality Mentors - Branded Hervest Merchs - Professional Development & Trainings - Get featured on our website

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