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What is HerVest?
HerVest is a digital platform providing financial inclusion for women through a Gender Lens Investment (GLI) approach. We are committed to improving women’s lives through greater access to and use of financial services and technology. Participate in a cooperative community of women, up to 25% annual returns on partnerships with female farmers, free mentoring on financial literacy, free coaching from inspiring women leaders and access to women focused tools, guides and growth insights.
Why Women?
The World Economic Forum estimates it will take 268 years to close the global economic gender gap.With many women still lacking access to basic financial tools, these obstacles prevent them from achieving true financial success. At HerVest, we are committed to improving women’s financial literacy while providing greater access to use of financial services like savings, impact investments and credits
How safe are my funds?
All savings are placed with VFD Microfinance Bank. VFD Microfinance Bank is NDIC insured and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
How is interest calculated?
Interest is calculated daily and can be monitored on your dashboard. You earn up to 10% interest rate annually on savings and up to 25% interest rate on Agro impact investments per year
How many savings plans can I create?
HerVest users can save towards as many plans as they need; Rent, emergency fund, professional courses, a side hustle, business expansion, vacations, childbirth, school fees, wedding expenses,retirement, rent....etc. The list is as endless as your goal-based financial targets.
What is the difference between a purse, a savings plan and impact investments?
A purse is a liquid savings account that allows you access funds at anytime on your HerVest app account. A savings plan on the other hand, helps you save money towards your mid or long term financial goals. Impact investments allows you earn financial returns when you sponsor a female farmer by investing in specific agro crops.
How can I fund a savings plan?
To fund a savings plan, simply add a payment card or transfer from your purse balance.
Can I activate automated savings?
Definitely, you can set up your savings plan to be debited according to an amount or a specific time frame:daily, weekly, or monthly. Add a payment card and edit your savings plan to begin smashing those financial goals.
Can I add funds to an ongoing savings plan?
Yes, simply select the savings plan and tap "Top Up", then follow the on-screen instructions to fund with your HerVest purse account or a payment card.
Can I monitor my savings?
You can monitor all plans and returns on the dashboard of your HerVest App.
Can I withdraw from a locked savings plan?
The option to withdraw locked savings is only available once the plan has reached its maturity date. This is to encourage financial discipline and help you meet any short - or long-term financial goals
Does HerVest offer loans?
We give credit financing opportunities to only small-holder women farmers. For further enquiries, please send an email detailing your application to hello@hervest.ng
How do I pay for HerVest’s services?
HerVest is completely free to use. Zero SMS fees, zero account maintenance fees, zero administration fees. However, Impact investments incurs minimal processing charges from our payment partners.
What is a Cliq savings plan?
A cliq savings plan allows you save towards life milestones with friends and family.This is a locked plan with a minimum duration of 3 months. Earn up to 10% interest per annum when you save with your cliq
How many people can I add to a Cliq savings plan?
You can add as many people as you want using their unique HerVest account number. The savings target will be evenly split amongst the members of the Cliq plan.
How do I refer my friends to HerVest?
You can refer your family, friends or colleagues to use HerVest by simply sharing your referral code. Once they sign up with your referral code and perform a transaction, either creating a savings plan or participating in impact investments, you earn your referral bonus.
How do I purchase Agro investment slots?
To purchase agro investment slots, simply add a payment card or pay from your HerVest purse account.
Can I withdraw from an ongoing investment?
Oh no! You can’t withdraw from an ongoing investment plan.
How do I withdraw from a matured investment?
To withdraw from a matured investment plan, simply visit your investment section on the app and move your funds into your HerVest purse account. Thereafter, you can proceed to withdraw directly into your bank account.
Why do i need to update my BVN on the app?
BVN is required to validate your identity and ensure the safety of your funds. It also ensures a seamless transfer of funds on the app.

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